In the old days the drummers ("guarzii" as people call them in Banat) would spread the orders of the mayor, announce the schedules of animal or grain fairs as well as the important events in the life of the community.
       All villages had drummers, paid by the office of the mayor, which made them respectable. Often the drummer was a speaking newspaper, spreading news from the press and peppering his announcements with anecdotes.
       They could also be hired by salespeople to publicize the prices on the market. Their appearance was always an event. In order to announce the news they needed a couple of hours, as they stopped at every crossroads and hit the drum until all people in the neighbourhood were gathered.
       Drummers were the most efficient means of communication.
       The few drummers still working today are old, and the young generation is not eager to take over, as they consider the trade shameful.



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