The saw-mill is also called "joagar". It is used for making beams, cabinets, planks and boards, but it can also be used for wood cutting.
       The character of our film has inherited the saw-mill from his father.
       The communists confiscated it in 1962 and made it state property. He took it back in 1990, but it has been destroyed, since unprofessional people worked with it. He fixed it with a lot of effort, and he now works there together with his wife, who helps him prepare the logs.
       The saw-mill has one saw and is being moved by water falling from 4 metres above. The owner has lots of clients, but the working of the mill depends on the quantity of water. He is very happy when it rains, because this means there will be enough water for the mill. Even though the mill is slower than an electric one, the planks produced here are of high quality and highly appreciated by the locals.
       There is no interested apprentice to take over; the son-in-law to come will probably not be interested either, since their daughter went to the university in the city.



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