People come to him from afar, since his trade has almost disappeared. Clients bring their horses with them in order to be sized up, but an experienced craftsman can tell the size just by looking at the horse.
       According to the artisan, there are only three kinds of horses, depending on the size of the harness: "murani" horses, "lipitan" horses and normal ones. The harnesses join the horse to the cart.
       There are several kinds of harnesses. Ordinary harnesses are used to join the horse to light weight carts and are formed by an ingenious weaving of several leather bands. Another type of harness ("comot") is used for heavy-weight carts and hauling carts.
       It has a wooden base on which a leather cushion filled with pig's hair is applied. A system of bands called "untarimuri" is connected to the "comot" and they surround the horse's belly. The bridle is
placed on the horse's head.
       It takes about two weeks to make a complete harness.



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