Clay making pottery is a craft whose roots are lost in times immemorial. If sixty or seventy years ago pottery making was considered a profession, nowadays it is a craft practiced only by three men who master its special techniques.
       The craftsman selects special clay, brings it home, crumbles and kneads it and by using the potter's wheel gives it the chosen shape. After applying specific patterns of regional design, the object is laid to burn in clay ovens, also built by the potter.
       In the old times there used to be entire villages of potters; the craft was handed from one generation to the other. The pots were loaded into carts and the potters traveled to neighbouring villages and even farther away, where they traded them for corn, wheat, or household tools.
Once cheap plastic pots were produced, the traditional ones lost customer appeal; recently, they are much more appreciated by tourists for their originality and exotic patterns.



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