Johann's mill is situated on the banks of a mountain river, isolated from the rest of the village. It was built by his grandfather at the beginning of the past century. Since it made very good flour, it was well known in the area. In the beginning it had a huge vertical wooden wheel, set into motion by a waterfall of about 3 meters.
       This is something that Johann could see only in movies, as his father dismantled the wheel and replaced it with a turbine that drives not only the mill but also all the other machines in the house, through a very ingenious system of transmissions; for 20 years, the mill supplied electricity to the entire village.
       Johann belongs to a family of Czech people called "pemi". His family moved to a Romanian village when the mill was being built. In fact, the mill is part of the house, and Johann practically grew up in the mill and learned the trade from his father.Village people don't call Johann by his name; they come to "Pemu's" mill.
       The communist regime did a lot of harm to the family. The mill was confiscated and his family evicted. Later on they were allowed to return and live there, working for the state, since the villagers needed flour and there was no one else who knew the job.
       To this very day, Johann is still not the legal owner of the mill.



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