Project for a TV documentary series
  Authors: Nicolae Lengher and Cosmin Tiglar
        Handicraftsmen have been a significant presence in the economic life of rural settlements and later on in that of urban ones.Though nowadays mostly anonymous, handicraftsmen were the ones to improve ustensils, to invent toolsand work procedures which, for their time, translated into real steps towards progress. As members of guilds or independently, they succeeded in handing over, from one generation to another, what we today call the know-how of their crafts.
Meanwhile, their apprentices were not only getting accustomed to the crafts' secrets but they were also learning a more important rule: to be rigorous about the crafts' norms and the specific requests of clients. It was due to this professionalism that they succeeded in becoming a significant active part of the work culture, which stood out in society through its values.

      At the beginning of the twenty-first century, in a world where the need for efficiency rules economy and society, where globalisation is omnipotent, their number is continuously decreasing and there is no young generation to consider taking over the skills and secrets of the crafts. In many European countries precious crafts have already disappeared. In Romania, thanks to some passionate elder handicraftsmen, one can still find several ancient crafts. Some of these craftsmen are in fact the last ones to know the specifics of their craft. These people are the symbol of a world that is going to vanish forever. These so-called obsolete handicraftsmen with their unusual tools are the main characters of our documentary series. We want to pay tribute to their lives, without any illusion of preventing their coming end. Moreover, we hope that by recording the lifestyles and skills of the few remaining handicraftsmen we will contribute to the preservation of this patrimony for the future generations, who will thus have access to the cultural treasury of their communities' values and past.

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      Each documentary will be developed as a portrait of a handicraftsman, although some episodes will involve more characters, hence leading towards a collective portrait.There is no reconstruction, it is real life captured on tape. This is not a museum, but living history.The series will include more than 50 episodes. Each documentary will be of approximately 24-26 minutes.




Pastoral beekeepers
Chimney sweeper
Village drummer
Millers (from water mills)
Well divers
Gater workers
Gipsy brass mongers
and brick makers


Stone cutters
Printers (using lead)
Gold diggers
Viper hunters
Brandy makers
Candle makers



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